This library is suitable for use by landscape designers working in the Imperial environment using AutoCAD, MicroStation or other software that accepts files in dwg format. Each symbol is 3 units (feet) canopy diameter and can be scaled up or down after insertion. The library is available for immediate download costing $ASD19.95 and contains  >100 plant symbols in dwg format.  Each symbol up to symbol # 90, has 4 attributes - botanical name, common name, code and diameter stored with it. If populated with attribute data, the ATTEXT command in AutoCAD can export the data in a form ready for Excel. The second group with code > 91 do not have attributes stored with them.

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First group

90 plus

Offer: Our CAD software for landscapers (gCADPlus) includes these and many more symbols [although not in dwg file format].

It is available to test in demo mode and can be purchased for $AUD99.50 [$USD 75.00] on the Shop page of

Imperial 2D plant symbol libary - dwg format