GardenCAD is a powerful, but easy-to-use, entry-level landscape design software application for professional landscapers. Imagine being able to quickly produce CAD landscape designs for your clients using Windows or Mac* computers.  Incorporate photos of your previous design jobs into plans to save drafting time. Consider the possibility of visiting with your client and together altering the concept ‘on the fly’. *A Windows emulator such as CrossOver, Parallels, or Fusion is required to use GardenCAD on a Mac.
GardenCAD is affordable –  $AUD 49.50 – approx. $USD 35.00. No ongoing fees.
GardenCAD in action

GardenCAD is now free for testing and available for download here.  If after trialing GardenCAD, you want to convert your demonstration copy to allow file saving, please visit our ‘e-Shop‘ page and the ‘buy now’ button in order to create a user name and get an activation (license) code. That will enable you to save design work.

GardenCAD and broad-scale work
The example above showed GardenCAD in use on relatively small scale projects. You can, however, use GardenCAD for broad-scale work. The figure below shows some data from an extensive survey of trees surrounding a constructed wetland. Here we have stored attribute data about the condition of trees growing in and around the wetland. Data on the condition of an individual tree can be accessed simply by clicking on the symbol – GardenCAD displays attributes hidden behind the symbol relating to tree health and canopy diameter.
GardenCAD design philosophy
We have consulted with many professional designers during the development of GardenCAD and have tried to make the software work in a visual and intuitive way, mimicking the classical approach to hand drawing.