About GardenCAD

GardenCAD design principles

GardenCAD software has been designed to be mouse driven and work in an intuitive way, mimicking the manner in which landscapers and garden designers work on paper plans.


The program itself is modestly priced, and all proceeds go towards future development of the program. This means that progress on new versions of the software can at times be slow, as our programmers do like to be paid for their efforts. We thank those who have purchased a copy of the software in the past and thus contributed to its development. Using these funds has meant that we have been able to release at least one new version of GardenCAD each year for several years. Here is a link to GardenCAD’s version history. We plan more releases, based on requests from users.

We have uploaded > 250 ‘YouTube’ movies showing how to use GardenCAD. 

Our special thanks

We continue to benefit from the efforts of GardenCAD users, especially the early adopters of the software who have been with us for several years and keep added their requests to the GardenCAD ‘wish list’. The current version bears the imprint of suggestions made by many of these early adopters of the software.

We also gratefully acknowledge the input of students from the Diploma of Garden Design taught at the Urrbrae campus of TAFESA, Netherby, South Australia. Each year, some 20 new students work GardenCAD intensively as they deliver a wide variety of landscape projects. Many of these projects have been incorporated into this web site as examples of what is possible to achieve with the software.

Our whole focus across the range of our landscape software tools has been to develop low-cost professional landscape software.

For more information about GardenCAD, please contact: info@gardencad.net.