Drafting aids
Not only are there many planting symbols supplied with GardenCAD, but the software also contains numerous general-purpose symbols and tools to help layout site boundaries, locate buildings, take dimensions directly from the design (the model), set up design grids, apply hatching to entities (objects) such as paths, paved areas, etc. etc. Our downloads page also provides some useful resources for using these tools.

The figure below shows the dimension applied (automatically) to the drawing by picking (snapping) to control points (ends of lines).

Lettering styles
Many users configure GardenCAD to use a custom font to give their drawings ‘personality’, thus moving their designs well away from typical CAD drawings (which can be rather stilted and mechanical).
Automatically build plant schedules
GardenCAD also allows the storage of much non-graphic information with its symbols. You can store botanical name, common name, plant name, size, code as hidden attributes with each symbol.
Printing plans
Your plans can be printed to any size sheet of paper in full color and can be printed to the printer attached to your computer or in PDF form for emailing to your clients. Alternatively, designs can be sent to copy centers for professional printing and laminating on larger sheets.