Landscape Logos

A logo is part of the ‘branding’ of your landscape design consultancy and will of course be used over and over again on many documents (both colour and black and white) so it deserves some thought and trialing. The logo and information about the site location, direction of north and scale are often combined as shown in the figure below. For even greater efficiency, text information in title blocks is best organized as replaceable fields such that inputting details of site location, scale etc. is a straightforward process.


MovieMovie Click here to play a movie showing the use of attributes in title blocks in a landscape drawing.

Designing a logo

The elements in the logo should reflect the philosophy and aims of your business. 

Here are some ideas for logos. The font chosen has a profound influence on the message conveyed.

Click on the image to download a copy of the file.

Option 1

This designed is influenced by a cross-section of a trunk with annual rings.


This design is meant to indicate an abstract fire pit; encouraging outdoor entertainment is a specialty of this designer.


This logo for a team of landscape constructors who specialize in brick paving.


An abstract design for a landscaper whose favourite species is the Bougainvillea

GardenCAD users

Here are some more logos used in drawings by some of the landscapers in the GardenCAD community.
Just like AutoCAD, GardenCAD allows the use of blocks. The logo is created once as a separate GardenCAD drawing and then inserted into subsequent drawings (as a block). Once drawn, there is no need to redraw symbols in subsequent plans. This applies to logos and other site details as well as planting symbols.




Future TreeEnvirons Urban Oasis