Upgrading GardenCAD

GardenCAD is developing at quite a rapid pace. As upgrades are free of charge, we encourage you to upgrade your copy in order to gain the benefits of new versions.

To upgrade:

1. Use the About GardenCAD box found on the Help drop down menu to check the current release number of your copy.
About GardenCAD
Check that version number against the list of GardenCAD releases on this web site.
2. Make sure that you have a backup copy of your complete store of CAD drawings. See http://www.gardencad.net/web/node/58 for information about protecting your GardenCAD work.
3. Make sure that you can find the original email with details of the user name and activation code for GardenCAD which was sent to you after you purchased GardenCAD. There is just a chance that you may have to re-enter those. If you cannot find those details, please contact us: info@gardencad.net
4. Download the new version of GardenCAD (from http://www.gardencad.net/web/node/5).
Save the setup file to your desktop. Do not save the file to a USB or network drive.
You have a choice of downloading a 7ZipWinZip  or exe version of the GardenCAD setup file. Try the exe version first. Your virus protection software might block the download. If it does, try downloading the .z7 version of GardenCAD. This is a compressed file and will usually bypass virus checking software. Save the file in your downloads folder (or to the desktop).
To unzip the 7z file, you need to download and install a small compression utility called 7Zip – click to download 7Zip – it is a free file compression tool, well worth installing. Great if you have to send big files across the Internet.

Once you have the file in your downloads folder and 7Zip has been installed, start the Your Computer tool, find the downloaded setup file, right click and select the option shown in the screen grab below (taken from a computer with Windows 8.1 as the operating system).

This unpacks the GardenCAD setup file as shown below.
Run unzipped
**** Do not run the setup file at this stage. ****
5. Uninstall the existing version of GardenCAD via ‘All Programs’, selecting the Uninstall option.
6. Now use the Your Computer or File Explorer tool and return to the location of the GardenCAD setup file and click to start it running. A new copy of GardenCAD will be installed. GardenCAD should run. You may or may not be asked to enter a user name and activation code.
You should not need to enter information on user name and access code again. If you do need to re-enter, make sure a dash is included between each set of numbers in the activation code.
Tip: Some new features of GardenCAD may not work if you fail to uninstall your existing copy before installing the new version.