SppDb dramatically cuts CAD drafting time because information such as text notes and images of species from it can be copied and pasted into both model space and layout space in CAD software such as gCADPlus, AutoCAD, DraftSight and MicroStation.

Paste images into CAD layouts SppDb is a great tool for building plant knowledge. Photographing and entering data about a species into SppDb helps you learn about new species, expanding and consolidating knowledge.

Copy images

Multiple tables
Hardspace data

In addition to storing information about species, the database can also be used to store images and details about ‘hardspace’ elements (such as construction details, furniture, artwork etc.). If you take SppDb with you to site meetings, images can be used to explain design concepts to prospective clients – a picture is worth a thousand words! SppDb also stores information and links to CAD designs, CAD symbols (blocks) and text notes to stamp in CAD drawings.