SppDb on Macs

We run SppDb happily on our iMac using CrossOver. The figure below shows the database running on a Mac with the High Sierra operating system. We have reduced the size of the SppDb window to enable the Mac desktop to show clearly (and of course to show that other applications can be used while SppDb is running.

SppDb running

The large screen Mac enables us to run our CAD software (gCADPlus) and SppDb together. The figure below shows SppDb on the left and gCADPlus on the right, both running under CrossOver.

Using SppDb, we can search for a particular species to meet a need in developing CAD designs and save much time because the path to the image file can be copied directly into the insert raster tool in gCADPlus.

If you would like to try this combination on your Mac, download SppDb (it’s free from the download page of this site) and a trial copy of Crossover. Install CrossOver first, then SppDb.

We have also run SppDb under Ubuntu and Parallels.